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To survive in the long-term, businesses must create sustainable value by operating within social and planetary boundaries. Activities undertaken in this space are likely to generate a source of long-term, sustainable profits and result in a higher level of employee, shareholder, and corporate wellbeing. Sustainable value is the ability to provide value that sustains your business and the context within which it exists.


“Are you looking to improve and protect your company’s financial health as well as its societal and environmental health?”


Where to begin

To successfully operate within social and planetary boundaries, it is important to understand the sources of value creation beyond the purely financial. Most existing business models are largely based on creating, delivering and capturing financial value, with limited or no attention to environmental and social value. However, the business environment is changing, as a wider range of stakeholders are engaging in sustainability debates, and resource limitations mount. Companies will need to shift their attention to sustainable value creation. To do this, it’s important to broaden your company’s objective from financial value to broad value, which integrates financial, social and environmental value.


You, as a business owner, board member, sustainability expert or investor relations manager, play a key role in your company’s transition towards a sustainable business model. Based on our academic studies, commissioned research and decades of experience, we provide you with the right financial tools to successfully navigate through every step of this process. We’ll help you paint a clear picture of the range of potential value outcomes for your business.


“Stakeholders and investors need corporate reporting that gives KPIs and background information on all types of value and their interrelationships.”


With customised models, research, strategies, tools and trainings, we bring solutions to challenges such as:

  • How do I shrink my carbon footprint and at the same time strengthen my business model?
  • How can I operate profitably with a sustainable business strategy and sustainable products?
  • How do I map my sustainability goals to my financial planning?
  • How do I ensure a stronger competitive position with a sustainable business model?
  • How can I attract sustainable investors?
  • What kind of cooperation do I need to foster within my company to set up the right incentives and information flows?
  • How do I make an impact report?
  • How do I achieve better cooperation and understanding between the people in my finance and sustainability departments?
  • How do I balance social, environmental and financial value in investment decisions?
  • How can I strike win-win deals with stakeholders?



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“Long term business performance will be enhanced if the concept of sustainable value is woven into all levels of decision-making.”