For governments and NGOs

If you work at a governmental organisation or non-governmental organization (NGO), you probably recognise that the lack of sufficient financial resources is one of the main obstacles to achieving environmental and social goals. Sustainable Finance Factory will show you how to mobilise existing financial resources, develop strategic partnerships with the private sector and generate new funding opportunities to create more impact. In order to better develop, assess, finance and account for sustainability projects, we can help you measure their financial, environmental and social value.


“If we can make billions available to save financials and large corporations, we can do the same for nature. Nature is the ultimate too-big-to-fail. If it goes, the economy and our very species go with it.”


Making finance serve society and the environment

Systemic changes are needed to align financial flows with sustainable development. This requires collaborative efforts across the public and private sectors. Mobilising capital in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals will require every sector of society to play its part. Awareness raising, policy frameworks, measurement and standardisation, financial product builders and corporate alignment must all be there in order to make a material difference for sustainable development. We can paint a clear overview of the playing field for sustainable development and financing tied to your specific goals.

“Capitalism needs reform in order to achieve the UN SDGs, but we don’t have to wait for the (private) financial system to be re-designed and re-purposed for sustainable finance to scale up.”


Sustainable Finance Factory works with regional and international governmental organisations, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs. With customised models, research, strategies, tools and trainings, we bring solutions to challenges such as:


·      How can I, as a policy maker, improve the financial incentives for businesses to improve sustainability?

·      How can I improve the chances of having a social or environmental project funded?

·      How do we, as an NGO, modify our operations in order to promote financial value creation, without compromising our mission and social and/or environmental impact?

·      How do I create a clear overview of the playing field for sustainable development and financing?

·      How can I mobilise partners, internally and/or externally, to achieve my goals?

·      How do I measure the environmental and/or social benefits and costs of a project and how can I communicate this to stakeholders

·      How can I work as efficiently as possible with the available financial resources and achieve the highest possible impact? 


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