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Investors can direct capital flows towards solving global challenges. And they have the opportunity to so while generating good returns. But it does require them to look beyond the backward looking risk-return models based on historical returns. Change is non-linear and changes the nature of relationships between variables. Transformational change includes phasing out old models and industries. Integrating sustainability into the investment decision process allows you to understand how sustainability poses risks and opportunities to long-term value creation. We can show you how to identify attractive investments in pursuit of financial returns as well as environmental and social impact.


“Investment professionals need to understand sustainability transitions and be prepared for their risks and opportunities.”


There’s a clear shift in the investment industry towards greater consideration of sustainability and the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment portfolios. The field is in a transition to better information, reporting beyond financials, and a move away from short-termism. But with a constant stream of regulation, alternative data and new models, it’s easy to lose sight of the wood for the trees. Being compliant now is not good enough, since more is to come. Sustainable Finance Factory helps you to successfully navigate this fast-evolving landscape. We will help you anticipate the economic, environmental and social changes ahead and build the capabilities that will better prepare you for the future.


“Sustainability is not about compliance, but about accountability and preparedness.”


Are you willing to transform the traditional way of investing? If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place. With customised models, research, strategies, tools and trainings, we bring solutions to challenges such as:

 ·       How can I integrate sustainability into my investment process, without compromising on returns?

·        In what circumstances is it worthwhile to give up financial returns for better social and environmental returns (and a unique offering to clients)?

·        How do I measure the sustainability and impact of my investments, and how do I make this transparent?

·        How do I ensure that I am well prepared for the sustainable finance legislation that is still to come?

·        How can I manage the risks and opportunities of sustainability transitions?

·        How can I invest sustainably in a way that is credible to clients?

·        How can I build the capabilities to be a leading sustainable investor?

·        How to build the data infrastructure that is needed for truly sustainable investing?

·        How can cooperation between financial analysts and sustainability analysts be improved?


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